Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Never Ever Ever- Like Ever!

It's Never Ever Ever Tuesday. 

I'm linking up again with NeeleySteph, and Shelley for a list of 7 things that I would never ever ever do.  
The top 5 will be things I never ever ever do personally and my last 2 will be things I never ever ever do in ministry.

Never Ever Ever...

Will I stop having the urge to try out new hairstyles.
Will I wear shorts with tights.  I find it majorly tacky.
Will I look at myself as the underdog again.  I am a child of God covered with his protection.
Will I stop making spontaneous trips home for the weekend.
Will I like pumpkin flavor anything.  I know, something must be wrong with me.

Will children's ministry not be my number 1 priority.  I will stop talking to adults to talk to children.
Will I stop singing with my kids.  Learning to worship at a young age is so crucial.

What would you never ever do?

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