Thursday, October 31, 2013

50 Ways you Know You're a #KidsMin

50 ways you know you're a #KidsMin

Your breakfast on Sunday morning consists of goldfish and animal crackers.
When you need a minute to take a breath you hide in the bathroom- because no one bothers you in there. 
You plan your summer calendar before Christmas is even over. 
You know all the names of everyone in your ministry.
You also know all the names of their imaginary pets.  
You created a formula to figure out the exact number of pieces of candy you will need for large events. 
Your mind is consumed with one thought the first 6 months of the year... VBS!
You have a wild and wacky costume for every theme night.
You don't mind temporarily dyeing your hair for Crazy Hair night.
You know every word to the VBS songs, before VBS even starts. 

You can't go anywhere without kids running up to you wanting to give you a hug. 
You frequent your local thrift shops constantly looking for just the right props.
Your pockets are constantly stuffed with Kleenex and candy. Lots of candy.
You read more picture and story books than you do novels.
You know every word to the Veggie Tales theme songs.
You cannot walk by the nursery without peering in to coo out the babies. 
You give out high fives more than you give out hand shakes. 
You always find yourself sitting at the kids tables at church dinners. 
You always have a baby on your hip or a small hand in yours. 
You listen to kids praise and worship music... for Fun.  
Your office has more markers, crayons & colored pencils in it than it does actual pens.
You are everyone's emergency substitute on Sunday mornings. 
Your phone goes off at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning and your first thought is to wonder whose calling in sick today. 
Your night time reading is this year's VBS catalog. 
You cry at the beginning of your VBS week because you are so stressed and you cry at the end of your week because you are sad it's over. 
You see kids raise their hands to accept Jesus and you burst into tears. 
Your desk is always covered with with half-drawn coloring pages.
You go shopping the day after holidays to buy things at 75 % off for next year's parties.
You plan your summer beach vacation for the 1st week of August after VBS is over and before AWANA begins. 
You buy goldfish and animal crackers in bulk- it takes up the whole buggy bulk.  
Your time clock on Sunday mornings is the big service. 
You frequently find yourself asking if the big service is over on Sunday mornings. 
Your fingers are constantly covered in paint spackles and markers. 
You sing Happy Birthday to someone every week- sometimes 5 times. 
You tell people that you have 75 kids- and you mean it. 
You arrive at church almost two hours before anyone else. 
You don't consider Sunday a part of your weekend but the beginning of your work week. 
You've tried to figure out how to clone yourself so that you could be in two places at once like everyone else thinks you should be. 
You get excited when you buy a brand new glue gun. 
You can't think about singing a song without motions attached to it. 
You know all the nursery toys with battery's in them and discreetly put them out of reach when it's your morning to serve. 
You have a no-glitter policy and you lose your mind when you see glitter on the floor. 
You cry when you see your babies getting baptized. 
You stay up late at night wondering if you really are making a difference. 
Your volunteer list is longer than your arm. 
You spend two hours every week just telling your volunteers thank you. 
You can read a baby a book and talk to an adult simultaneously. 
Your office constantly looks like it's playing host to the circus. 
Your work outs for the week include teaching children's church and leading game time. 
Your purse is filled with toy cars, candy, crayons, a pair of scissors, and glue sticks.
What would you add to the list?  

Let me know by leaving a comment! 

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