Thursday, May 30, 2013

Top Ten Thursday

A new way to take a breath and reflect on all the things that I love and appreciate this week. 
In no particular order.

What I'm loving this week

1.  My new Starbucks cup.  
Seriously, its to die for.  
It even has a domed lid on top for that swirl of whipped cream on top of my delicious caramel frappuccino.  
I picked it up on Sunday and have already used it twice this week.  
I may definitely have a problem. 

2. Transit. 
I kicked off a new ministry for my preteens this week and it was fabulous!  
I love how God always uses these moments to remind us that He is really the one in charge.  
I'm just the facilitator.  
I'm looking forward to a great summer spent with some awesome and really cool kids.  

3. Sister.
This sister is the best.  She loves me like its her number one job.  
She is the peanut butter and I am the jelly.  
No further explanation needed. 

4. The Sun. 
I'm soaking it up like water.  
I'm thankful for the wisdom to know when to take a break despite the fact that I have tons of things to do.  
This week that means an hour outside by the pool with a book on a Tuesday night. 
Best hour of my entire day.  

5. Music.
I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales. -August Rush
I have sat down at the piano every night this week.  
I've found myself softly singing lyrics all day every day. 

6. Clean Clothes.
It was laundry week ya'll. 
All of my clothes are freshly washed and hanging in my closet. 
This won't happen again for another two  three and a half weeks. 
I hate doing it so I let it pile up. 

7. Africa. 
Who are we kidding? 
I love Africa every week. 
This week, my African heart has just been beating really loudly. 
I miss it. 
I'm ready to go back. 

8. Audra Kate.
This girl is the best. 
She's been my cyber cheerleader this week. 
She pressed that shiny gold star and favorited my tweets. 
I'm ready to return the favor next week. 

9. Dirt Cake.
And no, it's not made of dirt. 
It's made of delicious oreos, whipped cream, and milk. 
Sister made me one for Memorial Day.
I may or may not have eaten it for breakfast every day this week.

10.  Pinterest. 
Let's face it, I love Pinterest every week. 
This week, I have found myself getting sucked into thousands of pins. 
Fashion, weddings, ministry, babies, excercise, etc.
If you can name it. 
I've probably pinned it. 

And that is my Top Ten Thursday. 
Again, in NO particular order. 

What is your Top 10 this week? 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Giver of Life

I call your name. 
Lord you reply. 
You bring your kingdom to stand by my side. 
Giver of life. 
All that I need. 
Father, your everything that's precious to me. 
There is no one like you Lord in all the earth. 
-Lyrics by: Ricardo Sanchez

These words have been running through my head all day. 
They have resonated through my heart. 
They've spoken to me.  They've been softly soothing my spirit. 

So many times in life we forget.  We forget just how close Jesus is.  
I forget just how close Jesus is.  
How easy it is to reach out and just touch Jesus.  He is so close.  
He is the giver of life.  He is everything that we need. 

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me."  -John 10:27

The world is noisy.  Life is loud.  Life gets busy. 
Jesus is very clear.  His sheep know His voice and they follow it. 
When life gets busy.  When the world gets noisy. 
Call His name.  Listen for his voice and follow it.