Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bible Hero Night- Recap

The Bible is filled with stories of great people of faith, those with courage in the face of adversity, and the most important hero of all... Jesus.  With the exception of Jesus who is everyone's hero, we all have certain stories or people in the Bible who speak to our heart and who impact our lives.  

The purpose behind Bible Hero night is to get the kids to think about all of the people that they are learning about and to experience what it was like to be them even in just a small way.  

Here's the postcard I sent out the week before to remind everyone.  

The great thing about Bible Hero night?  It didn't cost me one penny.  
That's right... Bible Hero night is a completely free event!

It's important that your parents don't feel overwhelmed or pressured to send their child in an elaborate costume.  
I encouraged my parents via social media to simply use old sheets or what they found laying around their house.  

I had kids show up in bath robes, scarves, sheets, and accessorized with staff's and shields.  Seeing their creativity was amazing. 
They came dressed as Rebekah, Moses, Deborah, Mary, Elizabeth, a Christian, and lots of my little one's came dressed as the greatest hero that they know... Jesus. 

I pulled out my costume box with old Babylon costumes for kids to use who didn't wear one, and almost all of my kids chose to put on a costume for the night.  I had little one's running around everyone in tan and brown robes and it was magnificent.

I personally went as Esther.  Something about her story just grips my heart.  Her simple obedience to do what was right knowing that it could cost her her life absolutely captivates me.  It's my prayer that I too will have that innate desire to always do what is right and to speak up for those who don't have a voice.  

That's how we planned Bible night.  
It's simple, easy, fun, and most importantly FREE!  
This is a great way to stay under budget and still have a great night!  

What did you do with your little one's last night?  

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