Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 Things I Believe- Life & Fall Edition

About Life
Jesus is the only way.
Kids ministry is essential to any growing church.
God -> Family -> Work -> Always in that order.
Mothers are the foundation of life.
Ministry isn't always glamorous but it is always life changing.
If it's truly your best it's always enough.
Every life is important.
Everyone has the power to change the world with Jesus' help.
The most beautiful picture of redemption is Jesus on the cross.
Jesus wins. The end.


About Fall
Everything is better with boots and tights.
Leggings don't count as pants.
The sound of crunching leaves is pure bliss.
Weekends were made for jeans and sweatshirts.
Hot cocoa is always best with marshmallows.
Electric blankets are the greatest fall invention.
October is simply glorious.
Pumpkins were meant to be painted.
Starbucks makes the best fall coffee.
The morning chill is the best part of the day.

What do you believe about life and fall? 


  1. Great post! I too believe that Jesus is the only way. And while I love fall, this October seems to be so long!

    1. October has gone by so fast for me!
      Of course, I always feel like time is just flying by.