Monday, October 28, 2013

A Letter to my Future Children

Yes, I am a #KidsMin.
No, I do not have kids.

This is the reason that you don't ever see me offer a lot of parenting advice on my blog.  Simply because I am not a parent.  I am not a parent but it is my greatest wish and my greatest desire to become one in my life.  I wanted to share with you all a letter that I have written to my future children.

Dear Loved Ones,

I am your mommy.  I am your best friend, your biggest cheerleader, and your number one fan.  I am your protector and defender.  I am your laughing partner, joke teller, and the person who wants to hear all of your knock-knock jokes.  Yes, when you discover 'Orange you glad I didn't say banana' I want to be the first person you run to and tell it to 100 times.  I am your tears wiper, feelings soother, and soft embrace after your first fall.  I am your advice giver and motivational speaker after a rough day of middle school.  I am your 'that dress is too short or those pants are too low.'  I am your 'life gets better' after your first real heartbreak.  I am your 'it's time for you to fly and here are your wings.'

I will be there for your greatest success and also for your greatest failure.  Succeed you will.  Fail you will.  I will be there for both.  I will be there for your preschool chorus concert, soccer and football games, cheer leading competitions, dance recitals, and chess tournaments.  I will be there to bandage scraped knees, cheer louder than anyone else, bring your team snacks, and tell you what a good game you played even if you lost.  I will be there when we buy your first prom dress or letterman's jacket.  I will be there through the good times and the bad.  If there is one thing mommy will be... it's constant.

I promise to wake you up early to watch the sunrise with me while we are at the beach.  I promise to surprise you with a picnic dinner in the park after your first day of Kindergarten.  I promise to rake leaves into a pile for you to jump in, to set up sprinklers for playing when it's hot outside, and to help you make a snowman in the cold of winter.  I promise to encourage your creativity by covering the floor with newspaper, giving you paintbrushes, and letting you create whatever you want.  I promise to cherish every single moment that I get to be your mommy.  I promise breakfasts in bed and movies with popcorn in the middle of the afternoon.  I promise you forts in the living room and a drum set made out of pots and pans in the middle of the kitchen.  I promise you craft days, shopping days, and days to watch football and play video games.  I'll enjoy every small thing that you bring to the table.

I promise to give you a foundation that will carry you through the rest of your life.  I promise to introduce you to the greatest love of my life.  I will do my best to walk with Jesus in such a way that inspires you to be like mommy and walk with Jesus yourself.  I will sing you songs about Jesus, tell you stories about Jesus, and live a life that shows you Jesus.  I promise to pray for you and with you.  I promise to take you to church every Sunday morning.  I will speak blessings and joy over your life.  I promise to safeguard your heart in Jesus for as long as I can.  

Oh, how loved you are.  Even now at the young age of 24 I love and cherish you are.  You are not yet in this world or even conceived, but my love for you is beyond what I can comprehend.  You were not a mistake.  You were not an accident.  You are my greatest blessing that I will ever receive.  You are my proudest accomplishment, my shining moment, and my pride and joy.  I promise to tell you every day that you are loved.  I promise to tell you how beautiful you are, how handsome you are, and how smart you are.  I promise to tell you every day that you can change the world.  I promise to tell you to never give up, to try one more time, and to stand up even when you want to crawl.

I promise to love everything about you.  I promise to fight for you.  I promise to always believe in you.  I promise to give you the very best of myself.  I promise to never give up on you.  I promise to walk with you through life.

I am your mommy.  

I am not perfect, and I never will be.  You will see mommy make lots of mistakes.  Mommy will cry tears of laughter and mommy will cry tears of sadness.  Mommy will have days where I succeed and days where I fail just like you.  I will never be a perfect mother, but I will be the perfect mother for you.  

For you, my sweet child, I will love deeply.  I will love sweetly.  I will love fiercely. 



  1. You are going to be such a great Mommy one day! I can't wait for the day when we both have husbands and children! I pray we'll still be friends then and our kids will be friends, too! xo

    1. Thank you so much. You are so sweet.
      I absolutely hope that our kids can be friends too!
      How amazing would that be! XO! So much love!

  2. I am overwhelmed as I read this post through tears. You will without any doubt be an absolute WONDERFUL MOTHER. Speechless, I am. Proud, I stand. Forever still, your biggest cheerleader. Your future child's Nanna.

    1. I learned from the best! Seriously, the Best!
      Thanks for always being my number 1 fan!
      I love you so much!