Thursday, September 26, 2013

Team Spirit Night

I love, love, love my Team Spirit night theme.  Well, let's face it you'll probably find me saying that about almost all of our themes.
 I especially love team spirit night.  Being the only University of South Carolina fan amid a sea of UGA Bulldawgs leaves me with lots of fun times.  Team Spirit night is the only day of the year that I can get away with wearing my USC gear.  To top it all off, Wednesday morning I woke up to a perfect cold and rainy fall day.  This meant that I could immediately throw on my USC t-shirt and sweatshirt and be out the door.  It was marvelous.

Team Spirit night is such an easy theme night.  
More importantly, it cost ZERO dollars.  That's right, I said $0.  
As #KidsMin volunteers and workers we all know how important those budgets are so a no cost event is right up our alley. 

Here's my promo that I send home with all my kids the week before. 
I generally pick some cool fonts and leave it at that, because with a theme every week I just don't have 3 hours to sit and design a super snazzy post-card, but I'm happy with it the way it is. 

For a copy of the promo that you can customize with your own information please e-mail:
I love to share!  

I let my kids show their support for whatever team they want.  While many of them do wear lots of UGA or college football gear I've had kids show up in t-shirts for their elementary schools, soccer teams, or little league.  I've also had kids show up in t-shirts showing support for big brothers and sisters who play sports in middle or high school. 

I also give my kids the option of wearing colors to support their team if they don't have a t-shirt with their logo on it.  

I like to plan this theme night right at the very beginning of fall because college football is starting and it's such a big deal in the south.  My kids love to get on me about being a USC fan in the midst of the Bulldawgs.  

Team Spirit Night is such an easy theme night that I think it should be on everyone's schedule. 

For lessons you can talk about having endurance in our relationship with Jesus, running the race, training to be strong Christians, etc... There are so many ways to tie in sports with Jesus so just get creative.

In what seemed like a whole other world Transit (our preteen ministry) had a fabulous night!
They had record numbers again for their pizza & craft party as they learned about self-perception.
Here's my craft that I made!  I can't wait to see it sitting on my desk when I go into work today.

Monday will be the official start date of the first #KidsMin Calling giveaway.
I'll be giving away a copy of 2 of my favorite go-to books: The Big Book of Bible Games & The Big Book of Bible Crafts.
Check in daily next week for your chance to enter the giveaway.

Come back next Wednesday for a recap of my Music Night.

I am currently looking for those who work in #KidsMin (whether as a leader or a volunteer) who would like the opportunity to guest blog for #KidsMin Calling.  If you are interested in guest blogging please e-mail me at  Thanks! 

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