Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Never Ever Ever

It's Never Ever Ever Tuesday. 

I'm linking up again with NeeleySteph, and Shelley for a list of 7 things that I would never ever ever do.  
The top 5 will be things I never ever ever do personally and my last 2 will be things I never ever ever do in ministry.

I Never Ever Ever...

Get tired of watching little people sleep.  Seriously, I'm currently looking at the closed eyelids of a 3 year old.  His peaceful face is absolutely breathtaking.

Will change my mind about wanting lots of babies of my own.

Think I'll learn how to cook.  It's sad.  Really it is.

Want to be a runner.  I'm all about other people who run, but for me it's insanely boring.  Give me a good class of Zumba or Spinning and I'm a happy girl.

Edit my blog posts.  I write, spell check, and publish.  I want my blogs to be real and to be me and I don't want to go back and make things flowery.  I want the words to be how I originally intended them without lots of fuss.

Get tired of filling in in the nursery.  I so rarely get time with the littlest of babies and when I do, I soak it up.

Pass up a chance to pray over a little one or tell them how special they are.  Anytime I have the chance to pray over a little one I take it.  I remind them that they are special and how much Jesus loves them.  

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