Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Never Ever Ever

It's Never Ever Ever Tuesday. 

I'm linking up again with Neeley, Steph, and Shelley for a list of 7 things that I would never ever ever do.  
The top 5 will be things I never ever ever do personally and my last 2 will be things I never ever ever do in ministry.  

I Never Ever Ever...

Do laundry on a regular basis.  I try to get it done every other week at least but I have to confess sometimes it piles up for 3 weeks before I get around to it.  I don't know how those people do it who get theirs done on a schedule. 

Drink caffeine.  I discovered about 2 years ago through trial & error that drinking caffeine gave me terrible headaches and since then I have cut it out completely.  

Buy wallets.  I have tons and tons of purses, but I've used the same wallet for the last year at least. 

Pick tennis shoes over flip-flops.  If it's warm outside the only time you'll find me wearing tennis shoes will be if I'm at work on Wednesday nights when tennis shoes are a requirement.  The rest of the time, I like my toes to be free. 

Cook dinner.  I know, I'm terrible.  You try living with someone who went to culinary school and getting time by yourself in the kitchen.  Sister is a good cook and she knows it.  

Stop planning ahead.  My ministry calendar is usually planned out on a general basis about 6 months in advance.  It's September but my theme nights are planned out through May and I have a general idea of all my special events.  

Walk away from a little one who is trying to talk to me.  It doesn't matter if they are telling me about their pet goldfish or what they had for breakfast.  I want them to know that they are the most important things to me and that they have my undivided attention when they want it. 

What is something that you will Never Ever Ever do? 

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