Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Never Ever Ever

Today, I'm linking up with StephNeeley, and Shelley for Never Ever Ever.  

Here are 7 things (because I have to put a limit on it somewhere) that I would Never Ever Do. 
5 are things that I would Never Ever Ever do and the last 2 are things that I would Never Ever Ever do in #KidsMin.  

I Never Ever Ever...

Say No to a cup of coffee... Especially Starbucks.

Plan on forgetting my glorious week of summer vacation with my wonderful family!  

Photo credits to Sister.  

Let myself listen to Christmas music before November 1. 
Once the 1st of November hits though... It's all over for me. 
Deck the halls with boughs of holly.  Fa La La La La La La.

Last year our tree was up before Thanksgiving. 

Turn down lunch with these two sweethearts! 
We are the 3 best friends that anyone ever had.  
This was taken the day that I returned from my 3 month internship in Africa so please excuse my jet-lagged eyes.  
This was the longest we had ever been apart. 
Seeing them brought tears to my eyes!  

Thought I'd hear my mom ask to take a "selfie."  
And then there was this picture. 

Stick to my lesson plans.  
Don't get me wrong, I definitely plan my lessons.  If I didn't my kids would go crazy. 
However, if I think of a cool or fun idea on the fly I will definitely go with it.  

Go anywhere ministry related without at least two extra games in my back pocket. 
Simon Says and Red Light Green Light are the first aid kits of extra time injuries.  

And that is what I would Never Ever Do.  

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