Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fierce Love

Yesterday, was a super busy day.  In addition to serving as a full-time #KidsMin Director I am also our Office Administrator.  Ya'll multi-tasking is clearly my spiritual gift.  I had several big projects I was working on yesterday.  At about 11:00 AM it started raining.  We have a metal roof, so when it's raining it provides the most soothing and peaceful backdrop for office work (At least for me!).  When the rain came I decided to pop on my Pandora stations to provide some soft and gentle Jesus music. 

I wanted to listen to Kari Jobe sing 'Love Came Down' and 'Revelation Song' over and over again.  Instead, I landed on my Cornerstone by Hillsong station.  About 30 minutes into my listening I heard a song that stopped me in my tracks.  The first lyrics that actually registered in my brain were, "His love is deep.  His love is wide.  And it covers us."  I immediately stopped what I was doing and had to see what song that was.  
What I saw was a song called 'Furious' by Jeremy Riddle.  

The chorus is written like this:
His love is deep.  His love is wide. 
And it covers us. 
His love is fierce.  His love is strong. 
It is furious. 
His love is sweet.  His love is wild.
And it's waking hearts to life. 

And listening to that song, right then, Jesus love just wrapped around me.  It was the most amazing thing.  
I always struggle with explaining God's love, because for me it is so much more than I can put into words, but this song does everything for me.  I spent the rest of the day just softly turning the lyrics over and over in my mind.  And playing it over and over through YouTube.  

His love is deep.  His love is wide.  
His love is all around me.  It literally covers me everywhere I go.  
His love is fierce.  
I love this one.  To me, fierce is strong and powerful.  It's a love that you don't say no to. 
His love is strong.  It's the only love in the world that has the power to break chains. 
His love is furious.  When I think of this, I think of a hurricane wind.  The winds in the hurricane are so strong that once you are caught up in it, it just takes over.  That is how I think about God's love.  So strong that once I'm in it, I'm surrounded. 
His love is sweet.  It's the love that quietly whispers, I love you, in your ear after you've had a bad day.  Or the love that gently soothes your spirit after a heart break. 
His love is wild.  It's just like the wind of a hurricane.  It pulls you right into it. 
And it's waking hearts to life.  It's breathing into those who want it.  
It's saying... live. 

" This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones:  I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life."   Ezekiel 37:5 


  1. I love, love, love that song! It's one of my recent favorites!!

    1. Goodness gracious I love it so much!
      Its spoken to my heart in a way that a song hasn't in such a long time!