Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five For Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five For Friday!

(Yes, I know I'm supposed to have pictures, but I was slacking this week.  I'll do better next time!) 

Here are the highlight's of my week!  

1) Sunday night I had the immense privilege of seeing 8 of my sweethearts being baptized.  
3 John 1:4- I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 
While they are not my literal children, these are the sweethearts that I pour my heart and soul into teaching about Jesus. 
For them to make public declarations of their love for Jesus through baptism... It literally brought me to tears! 

2) I got to have a late night dinner with my sweet friend, Mari!
And... she had a birthday this week!  
Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend! 

3) We kicked off our new AWANA year with volunteer training. 
This is the first year we have decided to have training in house, led by none other than me. 
It went really well.  We started at 6:30 trained for an hour and then everyone had a half hour to meet individually with their volunteer group.  We are all ready and excited for the new year.

And just to throw this in here... I'll say it's part of #3- This post on AWANA Theme Nights was shared on the AWANA facebook page yesterday and was seen 951 times!  Wow!  I felt like my blog was a bit of a celebrity!  

4) Sister made me dinner this week!  All week long!
Not once did I eat out of a bag. 

5) I get to see my sweet boyfriend tonight!  Long distance relationships are hard ya'll. 
He's coming for the weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

What were the top 5 of your week?  

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