Thursday, August 15, 2013

AWANA Theme Nights

It's that time of year again!  Time for our Wednesday night programs to kick back off. 

We had a fabulous summer here at the church where I work. 
Our Kids Ministry was rocking despite the break from our normal programs. 

Check back next week for a recap of what we did on Wednesday nights.  
Our Wednesday night Kids Ministry kicks back off next week with AWANA. 

If you haven't heard of AWANA be sure and check out their website for more information.
If you've ever volunteered in AWANA before, you know that most churches employ the use of themes.  Themes are an easy and exciting way to get your kids excited about coming to AWANA. 

Last year was my very 1st year working with AWANA and I fell in love with coming up with my own themes.  My creativity came out and I had a blast.  If you are looking for a last minute theme to fill your calendar check out our list below:

Ice cream social night

Crazy hair night- Style, color, fix up, put down and create your Crazy Hair look for the night!  This theme night is so much fun for both kids and volunteers that we do it once in the fall and once in the spring.  Check out my look for last fall and spring. 

Light the Night: Bring a flashlight!  We host our opening/closing and game time in the dark.  The kids loved it last year!  
(Note: We set out our spotlights for safety to make sure it doesn't get too dark) 

Team Spirit Night: Wear your favorite sports team gear. 

Music Night:  Bring a musical instrument from home and come prepared to make a joyful noise!  Get creative!  
Homemade drums and whistles are a must.  

Let's Go Fishing:  Go fishing for prizes for every section you complete tonight!  Wear your fishing gear and hats.  
(Note: For safety we ask kids not to bring fish hooks, and we use our puppet stage as our fishing pond.) 
 Here is a picture of the fabric that I made to drape over our stage last year.  

Bible Hero Night:  Clubbers should dress as their favorite Bible hero or character. 

Bring a friend night:  We host this 2x a year and always plan it the week before a big event like our Fall or Easter festival!  
This way you can make sure all those visitors get information about your event. 

We "Can-Do It" night:  Clubbers are encouraged to bring 2-4 can goods tonight that we donate to our church's monthly food distribution. 

Parent Night:  We also do this night 2x a year and generally have about 60-70% participation from our parents.  
They participate in all AWANA games and activities with their clubbers. 

Pie Night:  If AWANA clubbers can say more than 100 verses tonight, there will be a special prize at the end of the night. 

Happy Birthday, Jesus!  Christmas Celebration: Wear your favorite Christmas sweater. 

Double Bucks Night- Clubbers earn double the AWANA bucks for sections completed tonight. 

Fever night:  For every verse memorized tonight clubber's will get a colored dot to put on their leader!  
The leader with the most dots at the end of the night will receive a special prize for their club! 

Spread the love night:  Bring a card or note for your AWANA leader tonight.  (Typically the Wednesday before Valentine's day)

Pajama night:  Wear your pajamas!  Don't forget sneakers for game time. 

Drive in movie night

Beach night:  Dress in your beach clothes (No bathing suits, please!) and come prepared to have a wave of a good time.  
Here's a look at the Ocean Lagoon last year.  

Think Green night: Wear something green. 

Paper Airplane night:  Bring in the best paper airplane you can make with your own colors and design. 
 AWANA bucks are awarded for the best design and farthest flying. 

AWANA Rewind night:  Clubbers will vote on their favorite theme night of the year and we will host it one last time.  

During the month of January we host "Make a Snowman" month.  For every section that clubber's complete they will receive 5 feet of toilet paper to turn their leaders into snowmen at our indoor snowball fight the first week of February.  The kids LOVED this last year!  I've never seen so much fun with shredded paper. 

What are your favorite theme nights?  
Leave them in the comments section. 

See a theme night that you want me to elaborate on.  
Leave me a comment and you may see those in posts of their own!

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas we do some of them already and there are a few new ones too! Here are a few we do that you didn't include in your list so I thought I should share encase you need more crazy ideas. We call Bring a real Friend night BARF kids like it. Inside Out night, Trunk or Treat night which is Halloween night we live in a small town and wouldn't have any kids at Awana that night so we have to participate. Since its a town activity held at the H.S. football field we are also able to promote Awana and the kids can still say a section that night. Goofy Glasses night, Layer Night, Crazy Hat Night. Thanks for all the new ideas and the pictures were great! -Ang.

    1. Those are great ideas! I'm always looking for new and creative things!
      Love the idea of Goofy Glasses night!
      Thank you so much for your input! Blessings on your ministry this year!

  2. Mary,
    Could you please email me at Awana Headquarters -

  3. Nice list! Some of our favorites are Western Night (dress for a rodeo!), Backpack night (you get points for anything in your bag that matches the Game Director's bag), Zoo Night (bring a stuffed animal), Team Color Night (wear your team color - sounds boring but they like it!), Backwards night, VeggieTale night (use the 3-legged race strap for a one person hopping race!), and Sixth Grade Switch (T&T only - last night before closing program the 6th graders run the whole night - games, lessons, music, theme etc) One year we did Silent Night around Christmastime... the kids didn't like it so much, haha.

    1. What great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I especially love 6th Grade Switch and Backwards Night.
      Those look like so much fun! Thanks for visiting!
      Come back and keep sharing your ideas! :)

  4. some of our favorites are: Camo night (Jeremiah 29:13), Whats BUGGING you night? (1 Peter 5:7) we made lighting bugs in a jar (mason jar, glitter, glow sticks) and its especially nice if you do this during the summer and can catch real lighting bugs! Camp out night: we had our lessons outside the church inside of tents...of course we had smores for snacks and sack races for gametime. I could go on and on...Theme nights are THE BEST!