Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#KidsMin from A to Z: Ice Cream

I Scream!  You Scream!  We all scream for... Snow? 

That's right folks.  My literal corner of the world is currently estimated to get 3 inches of snow over the next 24 hours.  I'm a little bit partially still in disbelief, partially dreading it, and partially excited about the idea of hibernating with a good book and my wedding plans.  Who else is getting snow?  If you're getting ready to be home bound with some little one's check out my list of top 10 ideas for cold-weather fun

And ironically... the day that the snow is supposed to start falling my letter for today is I! 

That's right... on one of the coldest days of the year, right before the Snow hibernation of 2014 I'm talking about Ice Cream!  I'm telling you that #KidsMin has some of the best perks of any job ever!  (I'm sorry for shouting I just get so excited!)  What other job do you get to have snacks on a daily basis and one of my favorite snacks to give my little one's is Ice Cream! 

Who gets snacks on a regular basis?
Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers
This age group receives a snack at every class.  Our nurseries are always stocked with a big supply of goldfish and animal crackers and they receive a small handful at every service.  They are growing and they need that little extra nourishment before they go home for lunch or dinner.  

And Miss Mary... I also get snacks.  I can not count the number of Sundays that I've rushed out of the house without breakfast and ended up sneaking into the nursery for some goldfish to get me through the morning.  Can I get an 'Amen' or an 'I'm With You' from my fellow #KidsMin?  

All of my other snacks are done on a spontaneous basis.  My kids don't expect them at every class, but they love it when they are brought as a surprise.  I like to surprise my 3rd-5th graders with donuts on Sunday mornings for Connections.  I like to surprise my Kindergartners with the random cookie or pudding pack.  During those long summer months I'll bring ice cream treats and during these epically cold winters I bring hot chocolate with marshmallows (I add ice to the cup so there is no chance of burning!

Here are a few rules that I always follow when it comes to snacks!

I have a very strict NO PEANUT policy in my #KidsMin.  Peanut allergies are too highly common and they are very serious.  If you serve items with nuts please use extreme caution!

I know what my kids are allergic too and I simply don't serve it.  

I serve sweets in moderation.  I can't pass out ice cream and chocolate candy in the same service.  I want to be liked by my parents.  

If I'm serving something unusual I place a sign at check-in and ask parents to inform volunteers if they have any objection to what we are serving that day.  Here's an example of one that I used over the summer. 

Don't be afraid to enforce an object lesson with a creative snack.  And those holidays we talked about yesterday, snacks go great with those too.  

Snacks are fun so don't be afraid to mix it up and surprise your little one with an extra special treat!  For some fun and unique snack ideas feel free to visit my Tasty Treats Pinterest board here!  

Tomorrow I'm talking about Juggling and how I manage to get it all done.  

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