Thursday, January 9, 2014

#KidsMin from A to Z: Curriculum & Communication {Part 2}

This week is absolutely flying by and I'm super excited to be cranking out my fourth post for the week today.  I blogged 88 times in 2013 (which equates to about once every 4 days) and I'm really determined this year to blog more consistently.  One of my resolutions is to have blogged at least 182 times by the end of the year.  That would put me at blogging roughly every two days.  Why am I not shooting for every day?  Well, let's see I have a full-time job, and I'm getting married.  A girl has to have priorities!  Last night was so much fun with my sweet kiddos!  I missed them so much and was thrilled to see their smiling faces.  They had a great time getting their points for Arctic Snowball month and playing games!  

Now back to business!  
I have really enjoyed the beginning of my new series on #KidsMin from A to Z.  

Today, I'm covering part 2 of the letter C in my newest series on #KidsMin from A to Z. 
Feel free to visit here to see yesterday's post talking all about my Curriculum.

I have one last thing to add about curriculum.  No, I do not write my own.  While I am perfectly capable of doing so and do write my own lessons on occasion I would prefer to use someone else's curriculum and and save time by tweaking it the way I want.  But, if you do write your own curriculum... Kudos!  I'm super impressed!  

Today I'm talking all about another equally big C... Communication. 


Are you seeing how important it is?

I truly believe that you can not have a successful ministry without learning how to communicate.  Listed below are my top tips for communicating with little ones, parents, and volunteers. 

Little Ones: 
Make sure that they have your undivided attention.  
Put your phones away and return text messages at another time. 
Get down on their level.  
Sometimes the best form of communication for little ones is to simply play. 
Use words that they can understand (save sanctification for another time).  

Keep your parents informed on what their kids are learning.  
Clearly communicate problems that arise with little ones promptly. 
Give postcards to parents of upcoming special events. 
Send out e-mail blasts the day of a special event or theme night. 

Send out monthly newsletters with a calendar attached.  
Take advantage of social media for those little reminders right before service. 
Send postcards to remind everyone of upcoming training or meetings. 
Digital updates are great but don't underestimate the power of snail mail.  
Don't forget to say thank you frequently!  

If your think you are over communicating, then... GREAT!  You are probably communicating just the right amount.  I send out monthly newsletters, weekly reminders, and update my social media constantly for my volunteers.  As a result I have fewer volunteers forget about meetings and special events.  I also have parents who remember what our theme nights are and their kids are always ready to go and excited!  

Communication is so so so important.

How do you communicate with your little ones, parents & volunteers?
Do you have any tips for us?

Sound off below!  

Oh, and I promise you... you DO NOT want to miss tomorrow's letter! 
I'll be talking all about budgets and how I DIY (do it yourself) to save money and get more creative!  A #KidsMin necessity!  

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