Monday, January 27, 2014

#KidsMin from A to Z: Holidays

Hello, Friends!  I have missed you all.  
Here is the truth... Work and wedding planning has literally taken over my life.
Literally when I am not working I'm sitting with my laptop in my lap researching wedding info.  
Everyone wants answers about every decision right then. 
As a result, my blogging has been pretty spotty.  But, I'm determined to reach my goal of 182 blog posts this year and I with this post (#13) I am 7% of the way there.  Not bad.  

Today I'm covering the letter H in my #KidsMin from A to Z series! 

I absolutely adore holidays!  I think it comes from growing up with a mom who did everything that she could to make holidays be something that was treasured.  Whether it was Christmas or Valentine's Day she always had something up her sleeve to make it special for us.  And let's not forget that this was all before Pinterest.  She had to come up with her ideas on her own.

How do I incorporate holidays into my #KidsMin?  Sometimes it is in the simplest of ways!  The Sunday after Valentine's day I host a Valentine's day party for my connections classes.  We read a book talking about God's love, eat tasty donuts, and I give out Valentine's to everyone.  I host a Christmas party for my kids every year on the last Wednesday night of the year.  

The biggest holidays for us are obviously Christmas & Easter.  It's very important to me that I make the celebrations for these as big as possible.  Why?  Because I want for my kids to truly celebrate the birth, death, and life of the Savior of our world!  If it takes an Easter egg hunt to remind kids that Jesus is their Savior then let's do it. 

Another reason that I love to celebrate holidays is because we tend to have a lot of visitors during those times.  More people come to church on Christmas and Easter than they do at any other time!  If that doesn't make us want to put our best foot forward, I don't know what will.  Holidays are a great time for outreach.  Figure out a way that you can draw people into your church and make it fun and exciting for their kids.  Parents will go where their kids are happy and where they know that their kids are loved and cared for.  Sometimes all it takes to make that happen is a Valentine's from their favorite #KidsMin volunteer.  Or maybe you hand out goody bags at Christmas.  Who knows?  That might be the only gift your little one's receive. 

I also love to coordinate my lessons with holidays.  It not only gives the kids something new and different a couple of Sundays out of the year, but it's also great for when you need to catch up or you are ahead of your normal lessons.  The great news is that there are literally tons of resources online to find lessons related to a holiday.  Literally all that you have to do is web search for the holiday and kids ministry lesson and you will see tons of options.  

For some great ideas on how to celebrate Holidays be sure to visit and follow my Pinterest boards here.  

Tomorrow I'll be back talking about Ice Cream!  

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