Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#KidsMin from A to Z: Butcher Paper & Bible's

First off, is anyone else out there in Blog land absolutely freezing?  I love a good winter day as much as the next person but this southern girl is no where near ready for 5 degree temperatures with a -8 including the wind chill.  I mean that is bone chilling cold!  And... I'm just saying that if it's going to be this cold that it could at least snow as a courtesy.  If this polar vortex or whatever it's called isn't going to provide me with white and fluffy snow it can just move on out of my corner of the world.  (And all my southern friends said... Amen!)

Today is Day 2 of my #KidsMin from A to Z series.
I got some great feedback on yesterday's blog and am excited about continuing. 

Butcher Paper: To see a post I wrote last year on Butcher Paper feel free to visit here.  

There are so many things that you can do with butcher paper that I recommend that everyone have a couple of rolls lying around.  It's great for covering toddler tables before coloring.  Unless of course you love having to spend your Thursday mornings scrubbing crayon marks off of your white table.  It's great for throwing on the floor and having your kids make a mural with that extra five minutes that you weren't prepared for.  My preschoolers love to be traced!  It's by far one of their favorite activities.  And butcher paper is great for tracing.  You can buy your butcher paper at office or school supply stores and it will last you forever!  I promise you.  I haven't bought any in over a year and I still have a lot left.

Bibles: I am the biggest advocate and believer that you will ever find in having your kids bring their Bible's to church!  The Bible is the lifeline for Christians.  You won't ever need a phone a friend or poll the audience when you have that with you.  It is the guiding force for our whole life and I want my kids to be familiar with what is in it.  I want them to know where the book of Habakkuk and Zephaniah is in the Bible.  I want them to know the difference between the Old and the New Testament.  Bibles are important!  If any of my kids don't have a Bible I will provide one for them.  I buy cases of 20 and hand them out as needed.  All of my kids deserve to have a Bible.  I encourage them to mark in it, to highlight there favorite verses, and to carry them in their backpacks.  When I'm teaching Sunday School I wait for every child to find our verse before I read it so that they can get familiar with what we are doing.  Do not make the mistake of thinking that kids don't need to bring their Bible's or be familiar with them.  They do!  I encourage my kids to read their Bible's at home and to study them and to ask me questions. 

For a post on some of my favorite Bible's for kids visit here.  

What are some creative ways that you use butcher paper in your ministries? 
And how do you encourage your kids to bring their Bibles?

Come back tomorrow for letter C... Communication & Curriculum! 

Let's talk about it! 

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