Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#KidsMin from A to Z: Games

Did anyone else enjoy their 3 day weekend?  Can I also just say that I love that Friday is our staff off day leaving me with essentially a 4 day weekend!  Can I get a Hallelujah!  What did I do over the weekend?  I soaked up all the love that I can get!  I was surrounded by my family that loves me and I soaked it up like water.  I also watched movies on Monday.  Lots and lots of movies.  And did wedding planning.  Lots and lots of wedding planning!

Speaking of wedding planning... Guess which girl found her dress over the weekend?  
This girl did!  And on the 3rd try too!  Thank you Lord for favor! 

Today, I've got a short but fun post for #KidsMin from A to Z! 

Here's a recap of what we have done so far:

I'm not sure who has more fun with #KidsMin my little one's or Miss Mary!  I LOVE to play games!  No seriously, I love to play games.  One of my favorite things to do on AWANA nights are to rock out during the scooter races.  I'm not even kidding.  So, how do we do game time and when do we play games. 

Let me just throw this out there: I'm so ready for the polar vortex to be over so that we can go outside again!  Anyone else with me?  We do lots of organized games with our little one's!  They love AWANA game time first of all!  Some of their other favorites include: dodge ball, Simon Say's, musical chairs, etc... They love the classics!  

I love to play games with my kids because I want them to see that Miss Mary doesn't just get on to them all the time.  I want them to see that Miss Mary loves them and wants to have fun with them.  I push kids on the swing set, I participate in dodge ball, I throw the bean bags if they want me to.  I keep our games simple with instructions that are easy to follow.  

When I need a game to match one of my lessons I pop on Pinterest and find lots of cute and easy to assemble ideas!  I try to switch it up and teach them one new game every month.  For some game ideas feel free to visit my Pinterest board here

See you tomorrow where I'm covering one of my favorites!  Holidays! 

Happy Tuesday! 

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