Friday, January 17, 2014

High Five for Friday {2014- #1}

Happy Friday and Wedding planning weekend to me!  I'm so excited to get to spend the weekend with all of my favorite people.  I'm even more excited to spend the weekend trying on lots of beautiful white dresses if you know what I mean.  Which I think you do!  It's like a fairy tale come true. 

Here's what else made my week pretty great! 

Good hair days... I mean seriously with the length that my hair is getting now just having a day where it looks halfway decent is beginning to be a miracle.  I desperately need a trim so it spends most of it's time in a classic low pony-tail so a day where I can where it down is truly an accomplishment. 

Catching myself staring at my beautiful ring at least 10 times every hour... It's gorgeous right!  Enough said about that.  

Realizing that my Christmas gift from my sister is the perfect bag to hold all of my wedding planning supplies in... This Coach purse is adorable!  My soon to be sister gave it to me for Christmas and while it's supposed to be an overnight bag I've found it's perfect for holding my wedding planner and journal, and a couple of pens.  Because yes, I do have to carry it with me everywhere! 

Learning how to be a pioneer woman by cooking dinner for my sweet fiance'... If you've never had a fried chicken taco you are missing out!  They are so good.  I'm determined to be a good wife and I want to be able to provide my new family with delicious meals.  I used this delicious recipe from the Pioneer Woman and the fiance' loved it!  As an added positive I didn't cut myself and only burnt my thumb one time while cooking the entire meal. 

Finding a venue and picking a date... The fiance' and I were so excited to finally pick a venue and settle on a date.  We've been planning a short engagement so this Bride has been a little stressed with finding a place that was available and had everything we wanted in it.  We found a beautiful church in our area that has plenty of room for our guests and a great staff to work with us.  April 5th here we come!  

This #KidsMin had a great week and I hope you did too! 

With so many things going on this week and this weekend I decided to give you a glimpse into my life today and come back with #KidsMin from A to Z... Games on Monday.  I'm sticking to my goal this year to put people first and blogging second.  While my initial goal was to finish A to Z in January I've already pushed into February on my calendar, and I don't even mind.  I'd rather spend time focusing more on each letter's content than to write off a post in 10 minutes and get it out there just to do it.  

If all goes according to plan next week I should be covering...
Ice Cream
and Kids.  

Although, as we learned yesterday... Plans change and flexibility is often required.  
It's about Grace and not perfection even in the blogging world. 

Happy Weekend


  1. Hi from the linkup, lovely!!! You are a ministry, fiancee, cookin away! Bless!!! So glad to have found your precious blog thanks to the linkup! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xx

  2. Thank you so much for your precious words! It's a busy life, but someone has to do it! Haha!
    I love it though and wouldn't change this exciting time for anyways. I'll be by to visit your sweet blog soon!
    I mean with a title like Cheers Yall it has to be pretty fab!