Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thankful- Part 2

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

I hope you all had a blessed morning in your #KidsMin and with your families!  
Today, I asked my sweet friend Marytere to guest blog for me.  Marytere and I have been best friends since literally our second day of college 6 years ago (my goodness!).  Her and her husband serve as the College Pastors at a church here in town where I live and they do a fabulous job!  Her heart and passion for college kids equals the calling that I have for kids.  I asked her to share the reasons that she is thankful for #KidsMin.  

Check it out below! 

I always knew that children ministry was not my calling. Every year I am asked to help with VBS at my church and every year I turn it down. Don’t get me wrong I think children are cute, but I prefer them in small “packs.”  My husband is a pastor on staff for college aged young adults at our church. So, it is impossible to escape the grip and presence of children ministry. It finally got me!

I would like to share with you my tiny experience with children ministry that I had about a year and a half ago. The church was in the process of finding a transition for the children who had already been to children’s church during the first service but whose parents had stayed for Sunday School during the Second Service time period. So, they asked the college ministry to help out…and we did.

The first time I helped I thought I was going to have a panic attack! So many children in one room!  I mean they were everywhere. I vividly remember a child sneezing and snot going everywhere! Ew!  But little did I know that the Lord was going to teach me how precious His children are. Their sweet little voices asking me to play with them slowly begin to melt me within. I played “don’t touch the lava” by jumping on ONLY the black tiles. I played board games breaking all the rules because the children had their own idea on how to play the game. But what I loved most was what they would share with me about what they had learned in children’s church that day. I heard children say they had given their lives to Christ and children that were excited to retell the Bible stories they had just heard as well as the many crafts that taught them the love of Christ. I began to understand why children ministry is so awesome! I am thankful that there are people called to children’s ministry to teach them the love of Christ. These children are our future and with people like Mary who are willing to clean up snotty noses, heal “BooBoos” and hurt feelings, not to mention passing out snacks, all while teaching these children the knowledge and love of Christ, there is hope. I mean, I have even heard she prays for imaginary friends, now that shows children that God cares!

Though Young adult ministry has its own set of challenges, I am so thankful college aged kids don’t have runny noses that I have to wipe up; I am glad someone else has that calling. 

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