Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 Reasons You Need a Team

Happy November 12th.  That's right, November 12th.  Show of hands for anyone who thinks this year should just slow down just a little bit.  Two hands up from this girl right here. 

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I'm excited to be back on a schedule and sharing my #KidsMin ideas with you all.  
Speaking of you all, today I'm taking about the all of people that surround me in my #KidsMin.
Today, I'm talking all about teams and about how important that they are to any ministry.
A team is not just important, it's absolutely vital to the success of any ministry. 

10 reasons you need a team:

1) You are just one person.  That's right, I said it.  You are one person with two hands and two feet just like everyone else.  You cannot do it all.  Trust me, I'm speaking to the choir here because I have this massive tendency to think that I can do it all.  Ask any member of our church staff how often I ask for help and they will all tell you it's a rarity, but I should ask for help more often.  

2) Everyone has different gifts and talents that make them uniquely qualified for different ministries.  My gifts and talents are no where near the gifts and talents that our youth ministry staff and volunteers have and their talents are not the same one's that I have in Kids Ministry.  Those who work with our littlest babies have different talents than those who work with our Pre-Teens.  

3) Kids relate to different people.  I wish that every child in my ministry immediately attached to me and related to me the minute they walk in the door.  I do have a large number of kids who relate to me immediately, but I also have some kids who don't relate to me right away.  These kids may relate differently or even better (gasp) to another volunteer... and that's OK! 

4) More people means more creativity.  The biggest things that all #KidsMin need is creativity, and I only have so much creative spirit in me.  However, when I'm surrounded by a team of people I have found that as a whole we have better, more creative, and more unique ideas to help reach the kids in our ministry. 

5) Teams help recruit bigger teams.  One of the biggest problems I have found in my ministry is needing more people all the time.  It took me about one year and three months of trying to recruit every volunteer by myself before I realized that my biggest tool in recruiting more volunteers was the team that I already had.

6) By trying to do everything myself I rob everyone else of the joy and blessing that I have found in children's ministry.  I'm not the only one who is blessed by what I do, but when I don't allow others to help I am taking away their opportunity to experience the same joy, happiness and passion that I have.  

7) Teams help create a high-energy environment.  Let's face it, there are going to be days when Miss Mary is tired, or when Miss Mary just isn't feeling it, and in those times I can't just cancel my children's ministry.  I have found that it's in those times where my team can really come together to bring lots of energy when I'm the one who needs the energy boost. 

8) Having a team invites more people to hold onto the vision of your kids ministry.  Often times as leaders we know exactly where we are going and what our vision is for our ministries, but we often feel as if we are dragging people behind us.  If you have a team of people to grab hold of the vision than they are able to help get you there and to help share that vision with your entire church. 

9) Teams decrease the work load for everyone.  Let's be honest, kids ministry is a lot of work and it isn't always easy work.  My favorite saying for all of my volunteers is that many hands make light work.  The more  people who are committed to your ministry the easier it is to clean up, set up, pass out snacks, organize costumes, and whatever else it might be. 

10) Your team will be your encouragement when you are running on empty.  We all have those days where we just don't have a lot to give.  It is in those days when I am frustrated where I have a few trusted people on my team to help push me through.  Just this Sunday, I was feeling particularly frustrated and one of my most trusted volunteers was able to help me take a step back and take a deep breath and keep going.  Without this person, I probably would have sat down on the steps and cried, but my team pulled me through.

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