Monday, November 11, 2013

#KidsMin Catch Up Post

Happy Monday, Friends!

I realized over the weekend that #KidsMin Calling had been super neglected lately.  I have found myself caught up in just this whirlwind of business that has left me with very little time to do basic things like sleep and keeping up with my blog has seemed like a nearly impossible task.  Thank you to those of you who are still checking in to see what I have been up to with my kids lately.  I thought I'd catch up with you guys and gals today and get back on my schedule tomorrow. 

Life in #KidsMin has been crazy lately.  I know I feel like every season of the year is busy and busier, but from the beginning of October until about halfway through December my schedule is just slammed.  Between planning for my Fall Festival (recap here), planning for my kids to sing in church this past Sunday (they did fabulous by the way), planning my Christmas parties (kids & volunteer), and the usual weekly maintenance on all of my departments I've stayed pretty non-stop lately.  

What's new and exciting in my life?

The Starbuck's red cup is out and I'm obsessed.  I'm not even kidding you over the course of this weekend I think I had 2 3 no 4 red cups coffees.  When my friend Audra reads this she is going to have a heart attack.  I've always been obsessed with coffee but I think it's been taken to a whole new level.  The creme brulee latte is I promise you what I think heaven is going to taste like if heaven has a taste. 

Veggie Tale's has come out with a 4 week Sunday School curriculum done by Group and I LOVE it!  It's absolutely perfect for my preschoolers and is just the type of curriculum I have been looking for.  It's short and sweet and captures their attention perfectly all while including the favorite Veggie Tale's characters which we know and love.

Speaking of Veggie Tale's characters... I met LARRY BOY!  I know... #KidsMin dream come true right!  

I preached at my Alma Mater last Thursday and I took snacks!  That's right, I passed out tiny bags of goldfish to the college students.  Why?  You can take me out of #KidsMin, but you can't take the #KidsMin out of me.  I spoke about the challenges of ministry, and how our love for people and Jesus has to be real, and about how Jesus has to be our ultimate anchor or we will never make it.  I think Jesus knew that after I preached that sermon I would have the most challenging weekend of my life.  After sitting on my bed at 7:15 AM on Sunday and crying for 10 minutes (just keeping it real and honest here) I remembered who my anchor was, determined that Satan wasn't going to get the best of me, got up and ready for church, and headed out to do what I know God has called me to do.  Was it my best Sunday ever?  No, and let's be honest we all have those Sunday's where everything isn't great.  It wasn't my best Sunday ever, but I didn't let Satan win.  

Come back and visit me this week and see my favorite Thanksgiving devotions for families, read about why you need a team, and see my recap of my AWANA parent's night this Wednesday. 

Have a GREAT week! 

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  1. HA!! Red cups!! I love them, too, but I've only had one so far! (i still drink coffee on a daily basis, just trying to keep it cheap!) Let's do a red cup and blog date one weekend before Christmas!
    I'm so jealous that you got to meet Larry Boy!!