Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#KidsMin Happiness in 100 words

What is happiness?  

My happiness and my joy is found in the kids who I have the incredible privilege to minister to.  
Yes, serving God's children is an incredible privilege and it is not a job to be grumbled about.  

Here's what I consider happiness in 100 words...

Swing sets, children accepting Jesus, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, air guitars, listening to Bible verses, babies who learn to say Mary, painting parties, pre-teen talk, small hands clasped in mine, little tugs on my leg, arms reaching out to be picked up, shy smiles, little clapping hands, animal crackers and goldfish snacks, VBS music, small voices with big Hallelujahs, kids tables, crafts, sprinklers and water balloons, temporary hair dye, Veggie Tales, picture books, lullabies, baptisms, laughter, tight hugs, holidays and doughnut parties, nature walks, ice cream, twinkling eyes, seeing the wonder they find in Jesus, child-like faith and open loving hearts.  

I'm reminded of this quote by Andy Stanley:

Where do you find your happy and your joy?  

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